LOCATION The San Jorge Industrial Park is on the highway Guadalajara-Chapala, at 9 km from the International Airport of Guadalajara City.
ACCESS Direct access from the highway Guadalajara-Chapala.
BUILT TO SUIT AND LEASE We have a professional construction team that allows to achieve the construction in record time. So we can offer our client the most economic product in the market.
CORPORATE ENVIROMENT The regulations of the park will help you to operate in a more efficient and productive way, since they are designed with open spaces in order to create a true corporate atmosphere of first level.
ELECTRICITY The electric supply would be by charge of the Comisión Federal de Electricidad, Which will give the park the demand that is needed in 69,000 volts, which will become 23,000 volts by means of a sub-station of 23,000 megawatts in order to guarantee a demand of 200 kva for marketable hectare.
WATER SUPPLY We have planned 4 water well for the supply. The location of the zone allows us to build such well for our lot.
The capacity of the first well is 54.5 litres, per second, therefore the park is engaged to supply water according to your needs.
TELEPHONE We count with the necessary telephone lines to provide our customers with up to 8-10 lines per hectare, this service will have the advantage of the optic fiber lines, by means of which, one can send information by voice, data and video.
ROADS INSIDE PARK The main boulevard near 35 meters wide with a central flower bed and secondary streets 15 meters wide.
We count with the most modern illumination in order to guarantee the interior security.
SECURITY Tight security as you come in and 24 hours a day.
The San Jorge Industrial Park in on the highway Guadalajara-Chapala, at 9 km. from the Guadalajara International Airport
Pavo 138 Int. 202 Centro • Guadalajara, Jal. • Phone: (52) 3613-6604 3614-9684 Fax: 3614-8882